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Goodyear is entering the hand tools segment in India, as part of its brand extension and quality consumer products portfolio.

Raman Overseas is proud to be associated with Goodyear, a globally recognised brand. Goodyear's demand for high quality product fits perfectly with Raman Overseas' proven ability to successfully develop and enhance branded product.

The Goodyear name has an equity that naturally lends itself to new product areas within automotive, home and garage. Goodyear attributes such as durability, innovation and mobility instill confidence with its customers. In conjunction with Raman Overseas, these qualities have been further utilised to launch an exciting new product line for 2016.

Raman Overseas has specifically designed a line of robust and durable hand tools for the Indian market. With an initial programme of over 120 tools, there are many opportunities for retailers to introduce a trusted brand into their business.

As well as being responsible for the origination of product, Raman Overseas provides a customer supply & distribution solution backed up by a Jalandhar - based warehouse facility. A dedicated field sales team is also on hand, equipped with product and information on all areas of the Goodyear line, allowing easy access to product purchasing.

Goodyear already provides a wide range of products in over 150 countries and with the addition of hand tools in India, the best is just getting better.

Goodyear (and winged foot design) is a trademark of

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company used under license by Raman Overseas

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